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Our Expertise

We offer a wide range of cybersecurity services, including network security, cloud security, email security, endpoint protection, and security assessment and compliance services.

Network Security Assessments

Network security assessments are a crucial part of any comprehensive cybersecurity program. They involve a thorough examination of a company's network infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities, risks, and potential threats.

Data Protection

Data protection refers to the process of safeguarding sensitive and confidential information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or theft. It involves a range of activities and measures designed to ensure the security and integrity of data, both at rest and in transit.

Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training is a critical component of any comprehensive cybersecurity program. It involves educating employees on how to recognize and respond to security threats, as well as how to properly handle sensitive data and information.


Why Choose SSN

Our Key Services : Cloud Computing

Cloud App Development

Securesmartynetworks know-how in cloud computing has resulted in developing new cloud applications and migrating legacy packages the usage of superior technologies along with .NET, JEE, and LAMP

Migration to Cloud

Securesmartynetworks enables automated cloud migration by way of integration with tools. We permit establishments to seamlessly migrate data into the cloud with minimal human customization. You can experience Powerful cloud benefits with minimum value and delay.

Integration and Consolidation

With our know-how in the cloud and device integration, we can do a seamless integration of present infrastructure and services with those of the private or public cloud. Securesmartynetworks ensures that the merged infrastructure promises the targeted business goals

Cloud Security

Securesmartynetworks gives cloud safety services that are monitored 24*7 in any cloud surroundings. We customize controlled cloud security services to satisfy the precise security and compliance desires of each corporation.